What is GarageBand?

Garageband is an online workstation that allows apple users to create and compose music. It has a complete sound library which includes many instruments like guitar, piano etc. It is also suitable for drummers. You can learn, create and share your hits around the globe; with Garageband, You’re ready to compose music like a pro.

Why do music lovers love Garageband?

You will be delighted to know that some popular music icons also use Garageband and it accompanies nearly 100 hip-bounce and EDM synth sounds. The best feature is that you can record almost every kind of song with real instruments.

Garageband turns your Apple devices into touch music instruments so that you can create music at any place. After recording your masterpiece you can easily share it around the world. All the features in the Garageband for Windows are super easy to use. The application also teaches you how to create music with its endless tutorials and video lessons. Moreover, You can record your voice and apply various effects. Don’t forget to use the Note Editor tool to change or tweak your recording.

Edit and Transpose Music

GarageBand users can easily edit music and customize any MIDI note as well as edit duration, pitch, etc. Moreover, they can also copy and paste different types of drummer notes. It is damn easy to transpose music and there are two ways available for transposing music, one way is by the pitch-altering plugin and the other one is by using the transposition track option.

Create music by scratch

You can use various kinds of instruments, plugins to create your own music. Garageband comes with a large variety of instruments from guitars to violins. You are not limited to only one type of sound, every instrument has its own parameters and settings. you can customize the sound according to your needs. The most lovely thing is that you are not limited to a particular area; without owning a single instrument you can create your own music and show your talent to others.

Autotune feature

You can also use Garageband’s Pitch correction software for correcting your Pitch. This is a very useful software which works quite well. Some people have a misconception that pitch correction software will turn your bad performance into a good one. The truth is that this software makes a good performance even better.

Third-party Plugins

You can use various kinds of third-party plugins. You don’t need any special knowledge to download plugins. It is quite easy to install plugins; you just have to drag and drop files in the library > Audio section. Believe me, it is one of the best applications to create music and you don’t have any type of limitations.

Automation Functions

Garageband also comes with some automation options like you can automate Volume, Phasers, Fade ins and so on. These are very useful features that will help you in plenty of ways including dynamics and mixing tracks. Moreover, you can also automate things like EQ sweeps.

All in all, it is an amazing music composer with tons of features that the music lovers can enjoy.