How to Delete / Uninstall GarageBand?

Apple’s music lovers enjoy the GarageBand app for PC and its amazing music-making tools and techniques but it is no secret that the app requires a lot of storage. The problem of space forces users to delete/ uninstall the app for fresh storage space. Sometimes, iOS users may find it difficult to do so as you have to make sure there is complete removal of the service files that keep operating in the background too. Below are two ways to remove this app from your device–

Through apps like ‘Funter’:

Sometimes it is important to first download an app (like Funter, Terminal or AppleScript) to help delete some applications (like GarageBand) whose system files keep operating in the background of your device. These third-party apps help remove these files and delete the app completely so you can use the newly available storage space.

1.       Move the GarageBand app to the Trash folder by long press and slide.

2.       Download the Funter app from the Apple Store.

3.       Open this app and search for GarageBand in the Search bar.

4.       All system files related to GarageBand will be shown. Press the checkbox in front of Remove button to delete all data.

Through ‘App Cleaner and Uninstaller’:

App Cleaner and Uninstaller is a safe, easy app used to delete applications completely from your Apple device.

1.       To remove GarageBand, we will install App Cleaner and Uninstaller first.

2.       Download this app by searching for it in the Apple Store on your device.

3.       Open this newly loaded app and search for GarageBand in the ‘Applications’ folder which will be visible on your screen.

4.       It will show a list of files related to GarageBand; select all by checking the box in front of GarageBand and click the Remove button.

5.       Confirm removal and enjoy your GarageBand- free device.

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