Garageband vs Soundation – Who Wins the best Music Composer App Battle?

If you are a music lover, then you might have heard about GarageBand and Soundation. Are you a bit confused about which one to choose? If so, then you landed on the right article. We will be explaining to you the difference between the two. Although both of them are quite similar but It is necessary to choose one. I have been using Garageband for a while, as I have to try out another program called Soundation. After using both studios, I have noticed that both of them have their pros and cons.

There are a lot of similarities between GarageBand and Soundaion as they provided the same service. One of the biggest similarities between the two is that both of them allow you to use different loops, and you can also edit each track separately. The one feature that I, liked the most in Garageband is that you can easily convert your music into Midi files, you also get plenty of music effects like various animals sound, sounds of nature like waves hitting the beach and much more. One of the most significant differences in GarageBand and Soundation is that GarageBand is available for only Apple users, while Soundation can be downloaded in any device.

Soundation also comes with many free and paid packages that you can use to enhance your performance. Don’t worry about the Packages price; all the upgrades and Packages are affordable and aren’t that expensive. The best part of Garageband for Windows is that it is pre-installed so it has everything free. So, If you are an Apple user then I will recommend you to go with GarageBand. Let me give my opinion on GarageBand, I have used many many tools/Apps, and noticed that GarageBand tends to be more user-friendly and has a large variety of instruments/Loops. and effects than its companions. ( You can also create your loop).

One thing that I don’t like about Soundation is that the loops are quite short and the Quality was not up to the mark. It takes too much time in finding the tracks, and I would like to say that you can do much more with GarageBand than Soundation.

Pros of GarageBand

  • GarageBand provides you Electronic versions of most of the instruments( After recording your music you can play using midi or USB.
  • You can also Plug-in third-party devices like a mic, guitar, etc.
  • GarageBand provides you full control over your recorded Voice( You can adjust, sound, pitch, etc.)
  • You can record using a microphone ( For audio recordings such as voice, piano, or any other instrument you want).
  • You can use your computer keyboard to play the piano or other instruments like that.
  • You can also save your recording in a USB and play it on any other device that has GarageBand in it.


  • Work only on Apple devices.

Pros of Soundation

  • It supports all devices.
  • It has a variety of loops and effects.
  • you can easily make your ringtones and music.
  • You will get multiple tracks to choose from.


  • The Colour scheme and user-interface were not that much attractive.
  • The quality of the loops is not satisfying.

Wrapping Up

Well, Both of them are pretty much similar, but I will personally recommend you to with GarageBand If you are an Apple user, and all in all, for me Garageband wins the Garageband vs Soundation battle.