Siri, explain fading out in GarageBand?

GarageBand is ideal for audio editing, right from trimming and cutting a track to adding extra loops and beats to it. One of the most basic functions that people perform on audios is adding fade-ins and fade-outs.

What is Fading out?

Fading out of audio basically refers to the volume of a track slowly falling down until it goes completely mute. You will be surprised to notice that this feature is used more than you may have consciously noticed, a basic example would be for the intro track to slowly fade out before you hear the actual voice of the person on a podcast or a YouTube video. fading-out-in-garageband

Let’s take a look at how you can use Auto-tune in GarageBand for your soundtracks :

How to fade out in GarageBand?

  1. Open the Audio that you wish to work with, or record one on the spot.
  2. Go to the top of the list of all your tracks and find the ‘show/hide automation’ icon (the one with the two connected dots). Click on it.
  3. In some newer versions of the software, you will find the Automation option in the Mix tool from the Toolbar at the top of your screen. Click on Automation in the drop-down menu to activate it, or use the shortcut
  4. Once the Automation is on, the colour of the track will change to yellow, you will also see a yellow line across your audio track.
  5. Make sure that the option under your track is selected as ‘Volume’ (It has other options like pan, echo and reverb, but we need to work with volume right now)
  6. Decide where you want the fade to start on your track. Click on the starting point right on the yellow line. This will drop a keyframe on the yellow line to mark the starting of your fade.
  7. Now decide the endpoint of your fade out and drop another keyframe on that spot.
  8. Now drag the end keyframe from the middle all the way down to infinity or the bottom line of the track.
  9. Playback your audio to hear the effect of the fade-out.


It’s easy to improvise and get along, If you want the fade to last longer you can drag the end keyframe all the way out to however long you wish to. You can use the same method to do a fade-in too, except instead of dragging the end keyframe to the bottom line of the track, you need to drag the start key-frame to the bottom line, and your audio volume will now slowly rise from mute to the ideal or original volume of the track.