How to Trim and Cut a Track in Garageband?

Some of the very basics of Audio editing include trimming and cutting a track, and that is most likely what you will first do with most of your projects on GarageBand. Like everything else, the interface of GarageBand has made this function very easy to perform, and now you can split your track, cut it, delete it, repeat it, trim the edges or and move it with only a few clicks. Let’s see how.

Lining your track

How to cut a track in GarageBand?

Before you start editing, it is important that you make sure that the track is lined up correctly the beats per minute are on track, as this will make the editing procedure more simple and effective :

  • Open the track you want to work with, or start a new project and record an audio on the spot.
  • Double click on your audio, and a window will open up at the bottom of the screen with the edit options.
  • Zoom in to get a more detailed waveform for more precise editing.

– Now drag the first beat of bar one so that it lines up with the first beat of bar two and so on – Once that is done, check the bpm of the track from the bpm window at the top of your workspace. If it is not accurate, you can type in the correct bpm to fix it. Obviously it is important to know the bpm of the track that you are working with. Also check – Our Article on Downloading Garageband for Windows

Splitting the track

How to cut a track in GarageBand?

  • Click on the clip that you want to cut, to highlight it.
  • Zoom in for more precision and determine the part where you want to split the track.
  • Now move the play-head to that part by clicking on it
  • Once the play-head is in position, hit Command + T to split the track. Alternatively, you can also to the edit option at the tool bar at the top of your screen and select Split from the drop down menu.
  • Split the track at both the edges of the part that you want to cut
  • Now click on the split area to highlight it. You have successfully cut your track

You can delete this part by clicking on it and then clicking on delete. Or you can move it by dragging it to where you want to place this part. You can also repeat some beats by cutting the part where the beats play and then copy pasting it multiple times.