How to save Garageband Audio to MP3? (Latest Tips)

Pre-installed for free on all Mac devices, Apple’s GarageBand is a great platform to create and edit your podcasts, audio recordings, sound tracks, etc. Its easy interface and strong features have made it a go to DAW for professionals and beginners alike, it’s no short of a masterpiece created by Apple.

If you have worked on an audio project, a soundtrack or a podcast and now are looking to upload your work to your media host, or on any other platform, you’ll probably need it in mp3 format. Projects in GarageBand are originally saved in AAI format, so you’ll have to convert your audio into mp3 manually. Let us help you in how you can do that.

How to Convert Audios of GarageBand to MP3?

– Open the project you wish to export as an mp3 file.

– Click on the share option from the tool-bar at the top of the GarageBand window.

– Tap on the ‘Export song to disk’ option.

– A new window will now pop up where you can enter the name of your project. Change the ‘Compress using’ setting from a default AAC encoder to mp3 encoder.

– Choose a location to save your file

– Choose audio quality, (we generally recommend 128 kb for podcasts, or ‘high quality’)

– Now click on export/save and your project will be saved as an mp3 file. This may take some time depending on the size of your file.

PLEASE NOTE; In some older versions, you may have to first choose compressor settings, and quality and then click on Export to open a new window where you would be required to input the project name and location.